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Expanding Credit Checks Beyond Scores

It used to be that you when you took out a loan or applied for a store credit card, the lender would check your credit score. Today, the credit checks go beyond the score.

Lenders Need More Information than the Credit Score

The major lesson that lenders have learned from the recession is that traditional credit scores do not determine the whether or not the borrowers could repay back the loan. Lenders need more information than the credit score of the borrower. Now lenders are taking more time scrutinizing the borrower's financial health and seeking more personal information about the borrower. In response, data companies are gathering more personal information about the consumers.

Errors on Credit Reports can Hurt Borrowers

Consumer advocates support taking more care into the reviewing the consumers' credit history. However, this can still hurt borrowers. The information complied in the reports is not always accurate. Credit files can have serious errors.

Equifax Branching Out Into New Areas of Credit Reporting

Equifax, the Atlanta-based credit bureau, has been branching out into new areas of credit reporting by offering products with varying degrees of new consumer information. They have made new purchases and hold data containing income, new worth and job history for tens of millions of Americans.  To read, click here

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Sticky|Tuesday, November 15, 2011
I could read a book about this withuot finding such real-world approaches!
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