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The Social Media Test - Will You Pass?

Consider Your Social Media History When Applying for Jobs

If you are currently looking for employment or considering applying for a new job, you must consider your history - all of it. Gizmodo took 6 of its employees and had Social Intelligence run background checks. Social Intelligence uses your Internet and social media history to run background checks.  You should check out your credit report and dispute any errors before your job search. 

How Social Intelligence Works

How does Social Intelligence work? It looks up to seven years of your social data history, but it stores nothing. Social Intelligence screens your history for a handful of things like violent acts, racist behavior, sexually explicit activity and unlawful acts. Basically, it looks for whether you would be the kind of employee that would create problems in the workplace.

Background Check Process

Here is the process: Social Intelligence runs a background check of an employee. If the report does not find anything incriminating, it sends notice to the employee that the candidate has passed and no file is created. If the candidate flunks the background check, it creates a report and sends it to the employer. If you don't get a job because of your social media report, you can request a copy. All an employer sees is whether you passed or failed.

Report Limits

One employee has posted his entire report which failed due to past drug use. The report obscured his ethnicity, even his hands. It also blocked out a line in his homepage that reads "I drink too much beer" because it was irrelevant. It can track your personal email and tweeting. To read more and view this report, click here.

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