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Keeping Your Credit Healthy - 4 Simple Rules

4 Rules to Keep Your Credit Healthy

Rule 1: Check Your Credit Reports on an Annual Basis

Check your credit reports on an annual basis.  You can order your credit report FREE annually.  All of the three nationwide credit agencies, Transunion, Equifax and Experian are required offer you one free report every twelve months.  You an order all three of the reports by contacting annualcredit

Rule 2: Dispute any Errors

If you have an error on your credit report, whether it is a name, date, duplicate death or something else, dispute it.  See our website for step-by-step instructions for disputing the error or call 888-822-1777 for a free consultation.  

Rule 3: Avoid Hard Inquiries

If possible, avoid hard inquiries.  Hard inquiries or hits can hurt your credit score.  Hard inquiries are when a person applies for a loan or line of credit.  Hard inquiries include opening a department store credit card , applying for car loan or home mortgage.   The extra discount you might receive by opening up a store credit card will not benefit you long term.  In other words, if you do not need the credit, don't allow anyone to pull your credit.  The biggest mistake people make is having a friend that is in a bank or lending institution get a credit report.  It may not cost you anything for a friend to get it, but that will hurt your score as an inquiry.  If you used up your free review and need to see your report, spend the money to buy it. 

Rule 4: Avoid Co-signing Loans

Don't be a co-signer for anyone unless you fully trust them and their ability to be responsible.  Keep on them to make sure they are making payments.  If they tell you they may have to miss a payment, make the payment for them and have them pay you back.  Any missed payment can affect your score.


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