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Call Recording Laws by State

It can be a good idea to record the calls from a debt collector so that there is a record of what took place. But can you? Some states have laws that prevent you from recording a conversation unless all parties to the conversation consent to the call recording. That is, you must disclose to the debt collector that you are going to record them before you record the conversation. On the other hand, some states do not have such a requirement. See what the call recording laws are in your state.

State One Party Consent State All Party Consent State
Alabama Yes -
Alaska Yes -
Arizona Yes -
Arkansas Yes -
California - Yes
Colorado Yes -
Connecticut Yes -
Delaware Yes -
District of Columbia Yes -
Florida - Yes
Georgia Yes -
Hawaii Yes -
Idaho Yes -
Illinois - Yes
Indiana Yes -
Iowa Yes -
Kansas Yes -
Kentucky Yes -
Louisiana Yes -
Maine Yes -
Maryland - Yes
Massachusetts - Yes
Michigan - Yes
Minnesota Yes -
Mississippi Yes -
Missouri Yes -
Montana - Yes
Nebraska Yes -
Nevada - Yes
New Hampshire - Yes
New Jersey Yes -
New Mexico Yes -
New York Yes -
North Carolina Yes -
North Dakota Yes -
Ohio Yes -
Oklahoma Yes -
Oregon Yes -
Pennsylvania - Yes
Rhode Island Yes -
South Carolina Yes -
South Dakota Yes -
Tennessee Yes -
Texas Yes -
Utah Yes -
Vermont Yes -
Virginia Yes -
Washington - Yes
West Virginia Yes -
Wisconsin Yes -
Wyoming Yes -