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Montana Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection

Are you a Montana resident worried about debt? It’s important to become familiar with the Montana statute of limitations on debt collections. A statute of limitations places a limit on how long after a debt is accrued that a creditor can file a lawsuit against a person. It’s notable that debt collectors can pursue a debt indefinitely. However, the statute of limitations places a rigid boundary on how long creditors can use the state system to pursue that debt.

In Montana, the statute of limitations on written contracts, obligations, or liabilities is 8 years. Verbal contracts, accounts, or promises have a statute of limitation of 5 years. As for verbal obligations or liabilities that are not contracts, these have a statute of limitation of 3 years. For judgments of decrees in any U.S. court, creditors have 10 years to pursue Montana residents to collect debt. As for judgments rendered in a court not of record, this has a 6-year statute.

Of course, it’s notable that in Montana, a written acknowledgment signed by the debtor or any payment on a debt serves as sufficient evidence to cause the Montana statute of limitations to start over.

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