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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights: Consumer Rights Protection

Whether you're being pursued by debt collectors, suffering from credit report problems or trying to navigate your way through a bankruptcy - you have rights - and we're here to help. SmithMarco, P.C., has over 30 years of combined experience practicing law protecting the rights of consumers around the country. If you feel that you're rights have been violated, please contact us for a free case review and we can put you in touch with an experienced lawyer. 

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Snacking Giant Pays in Background Check Lawsuit

June 07, 2018

Last month, Frito-Lay, Inc., one of the largest snack food manufacturers, generating over $1 billion in sales over the past year, agreed to pay $2.4 million to settle a class action lawsuit over alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) for improper handling of background checks.More >

No Credit, No Problem?

June 06, 2018

Have you ever applied for credit and been rejected because you have no credit?  Getting approved for credit is next to impossible when you have little to no credit history.  This cycle seems impossible to overcome, because if you have no credit, how are you going to get approved based upon your credit history?  So while no credit is not the same as bad credit, following these simple steps to getting credit will help you build a credit history and set yourself up for the future.More >

Video: Credit Report Types & Debt Collection Scams

June 04, 2018

Join Larry Smith, consumer protection attorney and co-founder of SmithMarco P.C. for this episode of "Credit Talk" on Chicago Access Network Television. Larry discusses how to access and dispute incorrect information on all of you credit and background reports, not just the credit reports from the three large credit reporting agencies. He also talks about how to recognize and avoid debt collection scams, which are on the rise, along with other credit topics.More >

Video: How to Dispute a Merged Credit Report

May 31, 2018

Join SmithMarco's own consumer rights attorney, Larry Smith, on Chicago Access Network Televisiton (CAN TV) for this episode of "Credit Talk."  Larry Smith discusses your rights when denied credit or employment based on a merged credit file. A merged credit file occurs when people have similar names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and social security numbers and their credit information and background check information gets mixed up by the credit reporting agencies.More >