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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights: Consumer Rights Protection

Whether you're being pursued by debt collectors, suffering from credit report problems or trying to navigate your way through a bankruptcy - you have rights - and we're here to help. SmithMarco, P.C., has over 30 years of combined experience practicing law protecting the rights of consumers around the country. If you feel that you're rights have been violated, please contact us for a free case review and we can put you in touch with an experienced lawyer. 

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Hope For Credit Reporting Changes in 2018

December 14, 2017

Since the disclosure of the Equifax data breach in September, American consumers have been warned to be overly cautious and protective of their personal information.  While data breaches occur more frequently than lenders would like to admit, the Equifax data breach was on an entirely different scale.  This breach leads us to ponder the question, is our credit reporting system the best available and best option for us. More >

$60 Million Verdict Against Trans Union Upheld

December 04, 2017

Just this past week, a California judge denied Trans Union’s appeal of a $60 million verdict for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).  A jury determined Trans Union was liable when it confused over 8,000 consumers’ names with the names of criminals and terrorists on a government watch list.  Five years after the case was filed, the consumer class was awarded statutory and punitive damages exceeding $60 million. On appeal, the judge stated the jury was justified in reaching such a hefty verdict. More >

What To Do if Your Credit Application is Rejected

November 27, 2017

With the holidays just around the corner, most consumers consider applying for credit to be able to have additional means to make purchases during this expensive time.  If you are one of the millions of consumers applying for credit and find that you are continually getting denied, don’t just accept the rejection.  Finding out why you have been denied for a credit card or loan is within your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and you deserve to know the reasons. More >

What to Do When Your Credit is Compromised

October 31, 2017

Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), when you are a victim of identity theft you have specific rights.  While recovering from a massive attack on your credit is a lengthy process, it is not an impossible feat if you follow the letter of the law and these five simple steps.More >