What’s On Your Credit Report? Man Fired Due to Erroneous Info

Leonardo Molina worked at a Roskam Baking Co. through a temp
agency. He earned a permanent job, but after 2 days he was
terminated. The temp agency did not want Mr. Molina back. The
problem was that his background
showed that Mr. Molina was convicted of a 2007 felony in

Later Leonardo Molino learned that the conviction belonged to a
different Leonardo Molino. “They kick me out. They don’t tell me
anything and I’m up in the air. I don’t know why they’ve left me
without work.”

Molino said he was fired based on false
and had to leave his family in Michigan to go to
another state to find a job. He sued Roskam, the temp agency and
the company providing the background information. He said he was
never provided with “meaningful access to the inaccurate
information prior” to his firing that was “based on patently false

This is disturbing news. The
number of background checks prior to hiring has exploded recently.
Additionally, the background checks are particularly inaccurate.
Under the Fair
Credit Reporting Act
, employers are required to provide workers
an opportunity to dispute alleged errors in background reports. But
it can be difficult to detect. Prospective employees probably are
not aware of mistakes that can cost them job offers. The employer
is not required to tell them why they were not hired. They usually
say “we found another candidate.”   To read more, click here.

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Larry Smith