Is Your Spouse Concealing Debt?

Do you know if your spouse has a secret debt? One spouse hid
$50,000 worth of gambling debt on credit cards. Another spouse
stole his wife’s credit card to use at the racetrack. A third
spouse stacked up big debts paying
for online porn and dating sites.

According to Liz Weston,
there is usually an underlying problem that drives the spouse to
spend. These secret debts are generally byproducts of an addiction
like sex, drugs or alcohol.  Spending can also be a way for
the spouse to ease stress.

If your spouse has a secret
debt, there are warning signs. Generally, your spouse gets
extremely irritable when the subject of money is discussed. Also,
your spouse refuses to review a credit report together. But
watch out! A spouse can intercept the mail or set up a different
postal box to receive the concealed debt credit card invoices. The
first step to avoiding this scenario is to learn to talk about
finances with your spouse. Second, view a credit report together.
But once the secret is out, the foundation of trust is severely
damaged and will be hard, if not impossible to repair.

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