Judgment Against Creditors Collection Service

One of our clients came to us with a
harrowing story of how Creditors Collection Service engaged in a
campaign of harassment and abuse to attempt to collect a debt it
believed was owed.   The collector at Creditors
Collection Service told the consumer that she was an attorney – she
was not.  Moreover, the collector threatened to sue the
consumer’s spouse (who had no relation to the debt) and garnish the
family’s wages.  If that wasn’t enough, they misrepresented to
the consumer how much they really owed and collected more than what
was really owed. 

Thankfully, this consumer came to Larry P. Smith & Associates for help, and help we
did.  A lawsuit was filed under the
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
in February 2012.  When
we sent out a process server with the summons and the complaint to
the owner and registered agent of the corporation, he hid and
attempted to avoid service.  Eventually, we were able to
obtain service of the complaint. 

It appears that Creditors Collection Service had no defense for
their actions.  Perhaps it was the realization that they had
been caught flagrantly violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices
Act, as Creditors Collection Service surrendered and acknowledged
that it violated the
.   On April 5, 2012, Creditors Collection
Service, pursuant to their own offer, had a judgment entered
against them for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices
Act for the entire Complaint filed against it.   Another
consumer’s rights were vindicated.

Contact information for Creditors Collection

Creditors Collection Service, Inc.Past _due _img
832 Michigan Ave.
Sheboygan, WI 53081
Registered Agent and Owner: Donald A. Waage

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