Background Checker Violates FCRA

Are you looking for a job and
getting nowhere?  Piggy _bankIs something holding you back from employment
and you don’t know what it is?

Companies that perform
background checks for employers are making mistakes and providing
reports riddled with errors.  The Federal Trade Commission is
starting to take notice and clamp down on the rule breakers. 
This week  the FTC announced that an employment background
screen provider, HireRIght Solutions Inc. will pay $2.6 million for
failing to use reasonable procedures to assure accurate
reporting.   According to the FTC, HireRight failed to
use reasonable procedures to prevent inaccurate information from
being provided to employers.  Additionally, they failed to
give consumers copies of their reports and failed to re-investigate
consumer disputes.   Instead of fighting the allegations,
HireRight Solutions is paying millions to settle the FTC’s
allegations.  See article

A recent report released by
the National Consumer Law Center on Wednesday, April 11, 2012
reveals that criminal background checks conducted on prospective
employees routinely contain errors, mismatch people or misclassify
criminal offenses.

If you are applying for a job
and get denied after a background check, you are entitled to a copy
of the report.  You should review the report carefully and
dispute the errors.  To dispute the errors, see our website for specific instructions and a sample
letter.   Be sure to dispute in writing and send the
dispute letter by certified mail with receipt.  It is
important to keep a paper trail.

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