Brad Pitt to Develop TV Series About Debt Collection

It has been reported that Brad Pitt’s production Company, Plan B
Entertainment,Past _due _img will be producing a TV series for
HBO called “Paper” about the life of a debt collector.  The
show is to be about a former gangster in Buffalo , NY, that tries
to clean up his life by starting to work at a debt collection
agency – only to learn that the life in that debt collection agency
is not too much different from his life as a gangster. 

Buffalo, NY is home to a great number of debt collection
agencies, such that many attorneys in the area of Fair Debt
Collection Practices Act would deem it the collection capital of
the United States.  As such, the setting seems
appropriate.  However, the main character is said to find work
in a collection firm that focuses on payday loans that are rather
old.  The accounts – or what is termed as “paper” in the
industry – are at the bottom rung of collection accounts that are
deemed recoverable.  This will be contrasted with a more
esteemed collection agency that has higher quality “paper” – or
better accounts that they are collecting. 

It is said that the series is based upon an essay that was
published in the New Yorker in 2010 called “Pay Up” which took a
close up look at the life of an ex-con that owns a debt collection
agency in Buffalo that woks similar “paper” as the main character
in the film.  The project is still in development with no kind
of production schedule set.   Therefore, it will be quite
a while until there is anything more to report. 

However, SmithMarco will be
ready!  We pledge to be avid followers of this show if it
makes it on the air.  We vow to provide weekly blogs with each
episode, comparing and contrasting some of the themes of the show
with reality as we know it.  We will note similarities with
the experiences of our own clients, and offer our opinions on how
consumers should handle the situations in which characters of the
show find themselves. 

We also would like to be depicted in the show for the champions
of consumers rights that we are.  Therefore, should Brad Pitt
play the part of the debt collector, we think it only appropriate
that Smith & Marco are portrayed by Clooney and Jackman – it
would surely be an accurate portrayal!

When you’re being pursued by debt collectors, you have
rights,  and we’re here to help.  SmithMarco, P.C. has been protecting
consumer rights since 2005. If you feel that you’re rights have
been violated, please contact us for a
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