Credit Reporting Agencies You Never Heard Of

Piggy _bankWhen it comes to credit reporting agencies, we
have all heard of the main three, Trans Union, Equifax and
Experian.  A majority of the credit transactions that take
place in this country utilize one of these three for their credit
information on the consumer applying for credit.  But there
are so many more.   As we have written in our
, any other kind of background check that provides
information bearing on a consumer’s credit worthiness, credit
standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal
characteristics, or mode of living. 

There are companies such as Chex Systems for checking account
applications,  DataX for subprime consumer lending, CoreLogic
Teletrack for payday loans, and PRBC/Microbilt for employment 
reports.  According to The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
(CFBP) there are approximately 400 different credit reporting
agencies in the United States.  The CFPB has compiled a list
of about 40 different ones, along with the area of specialty. 
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