Buying a Used Car and Vehicle Fraud

There are many issues to consider when buying a used car. 
Piggy _bankIf you are purchasing a used car, review 
the following tips to avoid unexpected bumps in the road.

  • Find a reputable dealer to purchase your
    Talk to friends and family and see if they
    can recommend a used car dealer.  Research the dealer that you
    are considering and see if they have a good rating with the Better
    Business Bureau. 
  • Be smart about picking out a car. 
    Remember that if you purchase a vehicle older than 7 years or with
    high mileage, your risks that the vehicle with need wear and tear
    maintenance costs will be higher. 
  • Ask for a carfax history report.  You
    want to know the history of the car.  Carefully read the car
    fax report and ask questions.  Ask the salesperson about the
    history of the car. 
  • Listen to your instinct.  If the check
    engine light comes on during the test drive or a bumper is
    misaligned, avoid purchasing the car.  The vehicle should be
    in good working order during the test drive.  If there are
    signs that the car needs repair or might have been in an accident,
    move on to another vehicle. 

You purchased a used car, but you feel that you are a victim of fraud.  Here are
examples of consumer fraud cases

  •  Misrepresenting that your vehicle had never been damaged
    before when, in fact, it has been in a prior accident.
  • Misrepresenting the ownership history to hide the fact that the
    vehicle was previously a rent-a-car.
  • Concealing that the vehicle was previously a rebuilt wreck, or
    was considered a total loss in a prior accident.
  • Misrepresenting the actual mileage on the odometer
  • Forgery or loan documents to alter financing terms
  • Misrepresenting financing terms or that you were financed when
    you were not.
  • Concealing the vehicle was in a flood.  Due to many of the
    recent floods and storms, vehicles become flooded, and then placed
    back in the stream of commerce without disclosure that the vehicle
    may have been under water. 

There are many ways you can find out if you are a victim of
consumer fraud. Contact one of our experienced consumer fraud
attorneys for a free review of your
if you believe you were the victim of consumer fraud. SmithMarco, PC has been helping consumers
with consumer fraud claims since 2005.  We are more than happy
to take the time to review this matter at no cost just to see
whether you qualify.