Robo Calls on Your Landline

Unwanted calls can be disruptive and
stressful.    There are laws Piggy _bankthat protect consumers against unwanted,
automated sales calls and your landline.

What are automated, robo-calls?
Under the
Telephone Consumer Protection Act
, the term “automatic
telephone dialing system” means that it is equipment that stores or
produces phone number to be called using a generator.  
Basically, it is a computerized autodialer that delivers a
pre-recorded message. 

Register on the Do-Not-Call list
Check out or call 1-888-382-1222 to
register your personal phone number.  You can register more
than one number, but no faxes or business lines.  This is a
free service.

Find out who is calling you
If you don’t know the source of the calls, there is no way to stop
Does a phone number show up on your caller ID?
Does the automated message say the name of the company?
Have you ever spoken to an actual person with one of these

Check the list of what calls are protected by the

Telephone Consumer Protection Act
covers unwanted sales calls
unless you have an “existing business relationship.”
An “existing business relationship” can mean two things. 
First, it can mean a company that you are currently doing business
with, maybe your bank or credit card company.  Secondly, it
can mean a company that you purchased something.  The company
can call you up to 18 months from the date of the last payment,
delivery or three months after you submit an application.

Calls not covered by the TCPA and the Do-Not-Call
are calls from political organizations, charities and
surveyors. In addition, calls from companies that you have an
existing business relationship or have given permission to call

Get Proof of the Unwanted Sales Call
Either save a voicemail or record a message, if you can provide
proof of unwanted, automated sales calls, you can recover at $500
per call.  If the court finds the conduct was willful or
wanton, they can increase the amount to up to $1500 per call.

Experienced consumer rights attorneys SmithMarco can help you get the
recovery you deserve.  We have been protecting consumer rights
since 2005.  If you are receiving calls to your landline phone
from an automated, or “Robo” dialer, CONTACT
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