Attorney Larry Smith talks with TheRideShareGuy on Podcast



Just last week, SmithMarco’s Larry Smith appeared on a podcast with, Harry Campbell.  Harry has been hosting for several years, focusing his interests on Rideshare Rights.

The focus of this podcast was about drivers getting locked out of their work apps because of a false background check issued to their employer.  All rideshare companies perform background checks both before and throughout employment.  If the report turns up something undesirable, the driver is locked out of the app and cannot work.  We have written a number of blogs on this issue, and the rights of consumers when getting a false background report.

I discuss the 3 main reasons that background checks can be false.  A mixed report with another individual of the same or similar name, failing to review updated information such as an expunged or sealed record, and misreading a record – that is, failing to properly interpret what is really in the court file onto the report.

Just want audio? Listen to the full podcast here.

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Larry Smith