The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Connecticut

Connecticut Public Act 11-23 generally prohibits employers from using credit reports in making employment decisions regarding existing employees or applicants.  The law, effective on October 1, 2011, applies to all employers in Connecticut that have at least one employee.  The law has exceptions.  Financial institutions may consider credit reports and if credit and creditworthiness are substantially related to the position, a report may be obtained.

Connecticut also has a law that protects consumers who are about to be denied credit based upon their credit report.  Section 36a-696 provides that No creditor shall take adverse action based wholly or in part on a credit report on any consumer applying to such creditor for credit for personal, family or household purposes without first disclosing to the consumer the name and address of the credit rating agency which issued the report; and upon written request, a credit rating agency shall disclose to the consumer, within five business days of receipt of the consumer’s request, the nature and substance of all information in its files, including any credit score or predictor.

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