The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Maryland

Code of Maryland (COMAR) §14-203(5) provides that no CRA shall report an arrest or conviction beyond 7 years unless the job sought pays in excess of $20,000. This law was enacted in 1976 and is therefore effective.

Maryland has also enacted COMAR §  This law provides operational requirements for any consumer reporting agencies operating within the state.  The requirements largely mirror the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  The law provides for the requirement to perform an investigation into a consumer’s complaints of inaccuracy and provides a requirement that the dispute be resolved within 30 days.  The law also provides for relief from the consumer reporting agencies if they are faced with frivolous disputes or repetitive disputes that have been resolved.   These sections are already covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and therefore would trump the Maryland law.

However, Maryland law also provides for protections from unscrupulous credit repair companies that offer to repair one’s credit.  The companies that provide such services must adhere to strict licensing requirements.  However, if adhered to, a credit reporting company must conduct investigations received from these companies on behalf of consumers.

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