The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Oklahoma

Oklahoma House Bill 2492 provides that prior to requesting a consumer report for employment purposes, the requester or user of the report shall provide written notice to the consumer informing the consumer that a report will be used and must provide a check box for the consumer to have the option of obtaining a copy of the report themselves, and said report must be provided free of charge.   While this law was enacted in 2000, it still may be effective because the law does not regulate how long information can remain on a credit file.   This law governs matters that the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act does not.

Oklahoma also has a state law that provides for the rights of Oklahomans to place a security freeze on their credit file.  The statute discusses who and when a freeze may be placed, how it can get removed both permanently and temporarily, and the rights of the credit reporting agencies to charge up to $10 to place or remove a freeze on one’s report.

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