The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Washington

Washington has its Fair Credit Reporting Act, RCW 19.182, et seq that provides a few protections for Washington consumers.  The law provides the permissible purposes with which a consumer reporting agency can disclose a consumer’s report to a third party, even in the absence of a credit application.

RCW 19.182.040- Provides that no consumer reporting agency may make a consumer report containing records of arrest, indictment, or conviction of a crime or any other adverse item of information which antedates the report by more than 7 years, EXCEPT if the salary is reasonably expected to equal $20,000 or more.  This law was enacted in 1993 and is therefore effective.

Section 19.182.050 deals with “investigative reports,” which are far more expansive than credit reports.  The law provides that investigative reports can only be used for employment purposes and once one is procured for a consumer, that the consumer receives a disclosure that a report is being obtained about them.

Section 19.182.090 of this Act provides for the requirement of a consumer reporting agency to conduct a reasonable investigation into a consumer’s claim that information that appears on their report is inaccurate.  The law mirrors the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and provides the same requirements.   As the FCRA would necessarily preempt any state law, this law is of little consequence or help.

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