Sample Letter to Dispute Credit Report

You can dispute errors on your credit report with this sample letter template to send to your credit bureau. Your letter should tell the credit bureau in writing what information you believe to be inaccurate. Clearly identify each error in your credit report and state why you dispute this information and request that it be removed or corrected.

SmithMarco recommends enclosing a copy of your credit report with the items in question circled. Also include copies of documents that support your dispute. Do not include original documents. Send your dispute letter and all relevant documents by certified mail and request a return receipt so that you have a record that the credit bureau received your credit report dispute letter.


Credit Report Dispute Letter Template:

Trans Union
PO Box 2000
Chester, PA 19022-2000

701 Experian Pkwy
Allen, TX 75013

PO Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to dispute the following inaccurate information that appears on my credit report. The errors which prompted this credit report dispute include: (list inaccurate items such as creditor names, account numbers, judgments, incorrect addresses or names, etc., list exactly why each item is incorrect or incomplete. See our sample disputed accounts below.)

1. _____________ acct #xxxxx – Reason (e.g. not my account, this account belongs to ________, please delete from my credit report)
2. _____________acct #xxxx – Reason: (e.g.this account was included in my bankruptcy, filed in______, please update to report a $0 balance owed and “included in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.” Please delete any derogatory information from this acct that occurred after the date of my bankruptcy filing.)
3. ______________acct #xxxx – Reason (e.g. this account was fraudulently opened in my name, identity theft)

Please correct the following personal information about me on my credit report:
Address: 1234 South Street, Chicago, IL 60123 – not my address, I’ve never lived there, please delete

Please investigate and update these items as soon as possible.


Your name
Your address
Your city, state, zip
Your date of birth
Your social security number

Enclosures: (list any enclosed documentation, such as: proof of payment, a copy of your police report, letters from creditors, bankruptcy paperwork, etc.)


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