Are you receiving multiple calls from one of the numbers below? Most likely, you are being contacted by a collection agency called American Coradius International.  American Coradius is located in Amherst, New York.  This debt collection agency has been alleged to have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in lawsuits throughout the country.  Some of those lawsuits allege that American Corradius fails to make disclosures to consumers that are required by the law.  When a collection agency is contacting you, it cannot be sneaky and hide the purpose of the call.  They cannot trick you into giving up information about yourself.  They must disclose that they are a debt collector.  A collector also must advise you at the outset of the collection process that you have the right to dispute the debt and seek validation of the debt from the collector.

If you are being contacted by American Coradius, you may have rights that are being violated.  Know Your Rights. Collection Agencies have strict laws they need to abide by. If you are receiving harassing or annoying calls from this company, Protecting Consumer Rights can help!

American Coradius International uses the following telephone numbers:

7165806102; 7164187200; 8668760224; 8007530603; 7164928100; 8007592241, 716-580-6102; 716-418-7200; 866-876-0224; 800-753-0603; 716-492-8100; 800-759-2241, (716) 580-6102; (716) 418-7200; (866) 876-0224; (800) 753-0603; (716) 492-8100; (800) 759-2241

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