If you are receiving calls from one of the numbers below, then you are being called by a debt collection agency called Van Ru Credit Corporation. Van Ru is located in a suburb north of Chicago, Illinois.  They collect debts all throughout the Midwest and beyond.  Van Ru boasts being in existence for over 60 years.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a law that was enacted to protect consumers from unscrupulous and inappropriate collection actions.  Throughout their 60 year existence, there have been numerous complaints filed against Van Ru Credit Corporation.  And the FDCPA was not enacted until 1971.  Thus, Van Ru operated with little policing.

If a collection agency like Van Ru is calling you and harassing for payment, you have rights.  If you are receiving harassing or annoying calls from this company, Protecting Consumer Rights can help!  If Van Ru is calling you, one of the following numbers is likely to show up on your caller ID:

8004682678, 8476730995, 8476735560, 8883378331, 8882973891, 8004770777, 8885935183, 8478242414, 8007231300, 8478242414,

800-468-2678; 847-673-0995; 847-673-5560; 888-337-8331; 888-297-3891; 800-477-0777; 888-593-5183; 847-824-2414; 800-723-1300; 847-824-2414,

(800) 468-2678; (847) 673-0995; (847) 673-5560; (888) 337-8331; (888) 297-3891; (800) 477-0777; (888) 593-5183; (847)824-2414; (800) 723-1300; (847) 824-2414

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