Alabama Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection

The statute of limitations is a limit of time that a party has to file a lawsuit for an alleged wrong.  In most consumer cases, the alleged wrong would be a breach of contract – the contract being the agreement to pay a credit card company for the use of credit through them.  The statue of limitations is the time with which the credit card company has to file a lawsuit against a person they claim has breached the agreement to pay.   If the time allowed by your state has expired, you can no longer be sued successfully for the debt.

Contracts under seal: 10 years, (A.C. 6-2-33)

Contracts not under seal; actions on account stated and for detention of personal property or conversion: 6 years (A.C. 6-2-34)

Open accounts: 3 years (A.C. 6-2-37)

Actions to recover charges by a common carrier and negligence actions; 2 years, (A.C. 6-2-38)

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