Wyoming Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection

Any contract, agreement or promise in writing: 10 years, (WS 1-3-105(a)(i)).

Unwritten contract, express or implied: 8 years, (WS 1-3-105(a)(ii)).

Recovery of personal property: 4 years, (WS 1-3-1 05 (a) (iv)).

Dishonor of draft (check): 3 years, (WS 34.1-3-118( c)).

Judgment: 21 years. Judgments cannot be revived after twenty-one years unless the party entitled to bring the action was a minor or subject to any other legal disability at the time the judgment became dormant, in this case action may be brought within 15 years after disability ceases, (WS 1-16-503). If no execution is issued within 5 years from date of judgment or last execution is issued, the judgment becomes dormant and ceases to operate as a lien on the estate of the debtor, (WS 1-17-307).A dormant judgment may be revived in the same manner as prescribed for reviving actions before judgment or by action, (WS 1-16-502).