Kentucky Lemon Law

The state of Kentucky, like many other states, has a lemon law that provides protection to consumers who buy a new automobile that fails to meet the expected standard of quality for a new vehicle.  A purchase of a new vehicle is entitled to the quality and workmanship that is expected from a new product of such a great expense.  Thus, if the new vehicle is defective in its manufacture, repair or workmanship, a consumer has rights.  These rights may provide for the recovery of money, for the manufacturer to provide a refund, or for them to replace the vehicle.  When it comes to remedies under the lemon laws, each state is different.  The threshold for whether your car is a lemon in Kentucky is:

>at least four attempts to repair the same defect within one year from the date of the delivery of the vehicle or 12,000 miles; or

>if the vehicle is out of service for a problem for 30 or more calendar days within one year or 12,000 miles.

Should you feel your vehicle qualifies for a claim under the Kentucky Lemon Law, contact an attorney to help you determine your rights.

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