New Mexico Lemon Law

The decision to purchase a vehicle can be an overwhelming experience.  Prior to making the purchase, you should conduct diligent research into finding the vehicle that is right for you.  Unfortunately, if after you have selected what seems to be your ideal vehicle, there are times when your effort seems futile as you may discover that you have bought a “lemon.”  A lemon is a vehicle that after purchased is found to be defective.  Fortunately, the New Mexico Lemon Law was enacted to protect consumers who unknowingly purchase these defective vehicles.


To qualify as a lemon in the State of New Mexico, your vehicle must:


  • undergo four or more repair attempts for the same defect within the warranty period or one year from the date of delivery of the vehicle; or


  • be out of service due to repairs for a total of 30 or more business days within the warranty period or one year of ownership.


Should you feel your vehicle qualifies for a claim under the New Mexico Lemon Law, contact an attorney to help you determine your rights.

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