Ohio Lemon Law

When purchasing a new vehicle, you are entitled to rights referred to as the Lemon Law.  The Lemon Law is a state law that provides you, the consumer, with a remedy for the purchase of a  new vehicle that fails to function in a proper manner.  A vehicle manufacturer cannot take away this right to purchase a new vehicle free from defect.  After purchasing a new vehicle, it is expected to function properly and when it fails to live up to this expectation, even after repeated attempts at repair have been made, the car may qualify as a lemon under the Ohio Lemon Law.

To be considered a lemon in the State of Ohio, a vehicle requires:

  • Three or more attempts made to repair the same defect within the warranty period of one year from the date of delivery of the vehicle or 18,000 miles, which ever occurs first; or
  • The vehicle be out of service for 30 or more calendar days within the warranty period; or
  • Eight or more attempts to repair any single defect within the warranty period; or
  • At least one attempt to repair a single defect that may result in death or serious bodily injury if the vehicle is driven within the warranty period.

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