Pennsylvania Lemon Law

Before making a decision to purchase a vehicle, as a consumer, you should research information about the type of vehicle that is right for you.  For example, an important factor to consider is the type and duration of the warranty purchased with the car of your choice.  When your vehicle requires repairs an extensive warranty will aid in minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses.  If you find your vehicle is not performing at its optimal level and has undergone an unreasonable amount of repairs it may be considered a lemon under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law.

To qualify as a lemon in the State of Pennsylvania, your vehicle must:

  • undergo at least three repair attempts for the same defect within 12 months from the date of delivery or 12,000 miles; or
  • be out of service due to repairs for a total of 30 or more calendar days within 12 months of ownership or 12,000 miles.

Should you feel your vehicle qualifies for a claim under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, contact an attorney to help you determine your rights.

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