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I had an issue with a background report which caused me to lose a career opportunity. I wasn’t exactly sure if I even had a case at first. After doing some searching, I came across SmithMarco’s website,  This was probably the best thing a google search has ever brought me to. SmithMarco, P.C got me way more than I was expecting, and I really didn’t have to lift a finger. Just make sure you provide every bit of evidence you can to them and they will do the rest. David Marco and Larry Smith are both very professional attourneys and it is obvious that they take pride in their work. I will be contacting them again if any further issues arise with my background and I encourage anyone else who may have background report issues to contact them. They will make sure you get what you deserve if you have been wronged.

Larry Smith

Consumer Rights Attorney at SmithMarco, P.C.
Larry P. Smith is a consumer attorney and the founder and Managing Partner at SmithMarco, P.C. He has tried dozens of consumer rights cases to verdict and has arbitrated over 700 cases. Additionally, he has amicably resolved over 3,000 consumer fraud, Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases via settlement. Mr. Smith has been a guest on multiple radio outlets including WLS and WGN in Chicago providing consumer advice. Mr. Smith also provides leadership and delivers lectures to the National Association of Consumer Advocates, The National Consumer Law Center, and the Chicago Bar Association.
Larry Smith

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