What you need to know about Fair Debt Collection

You have rights when a debt collector is pursuing you. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was created to promote fair debt collection procedures and to protect consumers against debt collection abuses. Learn more.

What to do with errors on Your Credit Report

You have the right to have your credit report accurately reflect your credit history.  If your credit report contains inaccuracies that are causing you harm in obtaining credit, employment or insurance, the Fair Credit Reporting Act provides relief for consumers.


Error on your Employment Background Report?

If you've had an inaccuracy on your employment background report, you are protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Find out more about false employment reports and know your rights.

Are you the victim of Consumer Fraud

Have you been duped into purchasing a vehicle based upon misrepresentations from the dealer as to the history of the vehicle?  Dealerships will hide previous accident history or other undesirable history of a vehicle to make a sale.  You have rights against those who commit consumer fraud.

Have You Bought a Lemon

If your new vehicle has been subject to multiple repairs for a defect, you may have purchased a lemon.  If you did, you have rights.  Learn more about your protection under the lemon laws.


Who has access to your Credit Report

Many Americans consider their credit information to be private information, and it should be. But who has access to your report and who protects your privacy? Read our latest blog post to find out.

Protecting Consumer Rights - Presented By SmithMarco, P.C.

SmithMarco, P.C.

SmithMarco, P.C. is a private law firm dedicated to representing consumers and protecting their rights. Managing partners Larry Smith and David Marco have been practicing consumer protection for over 35 years combined, and have successfully defended consumers in thousands of cases. They are experienced debt collection practices act attorneys and credit report and background dispute lawyers who can ensure that your rights are protected, debt collector harassment stops, and that credit and background report errors are corrected depending on your needs.

If you feel your rights have been violated in regards to debt collection, credit report errors, background check errors, consumer fraud, or lemon laws, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free case review or give us a call at 888-822-1777.

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You have rights as a consumer!

Even though you may be behind in your bills, it does not give a bill collector the right to harass or abuse you for payment.  As a debtor, you have rights.  Find out what a debt collector can and cannot do, or what they must tell you when trying to collect a debt.  If your consumer rights have been violated, we can help.

Are you a victim?

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The law is on your side.

There are laws written to protect consumers from unscrupulous debt collection practices.  Overreaching and abusive practices are not allowed.  In addition, there are consumer laws that provide for assistance in dealing with the burden of paying an attorney to help you with this problem. Let us see if we can help you with abusive collection practices.

Free Case Review?

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You may be entitled to compensation.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you may be entitled to compensation as the law provides for a recovery of up to $1,000.  The law also provides for the recovery of attorneys fees and court costs.  We offer a free case review to determine if your FDCPA consumer rights were violated.  Contact us to discuss your situation.

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Recent Protecting Consumer Rights Blog Posts

The 411 on Understanding Your Credit Report

July 22, 2016

As a responsible consumer, you pull your credit report on an annual basis.  You receive the report in the mail and you sit down with a fine tooth comb to review the information.  The only problem, you don’t know how to read it or what you are looking for. Reading a credit report can be confusing to a consumer but it does not have to be.  Here is a simple explanation of how to read your report and what to look for so you don’t get overwhelmed.  More >

Getting Approved for a Mortgage with a Low Credit Score

July 14, 2016

There is nothing like buying and selling your home during the summer months---this time of year the real estate market sees a serious boom.  However, purchasing a new home means one thing: your finances must be in order so you can get approved for a mortgage loan at the lowest possible rate.  But what happens when your credit is in poor shape?  Can you still be approved for a loan?  The good news is, bad credit does not necessarily mean you will be denied and that dream home can still be yours.  More >

How to Build your Credit with Little to No Credit

July 12, 2016

Having little or no credit history is a double edged sword.  Apply for credit and you get denied because you have no credit…but how do you get credit when you have no credit?  Building your credit from scratch does not have to be impossible.  Following a few simple steps can put you on the right track to building a credit history with good standing.  More >

Financial Rules for the Responsible Graduate

June 28, 2016

College graduation is an exciting time for most students but can also be a source of stress…student loans, job interviews, and financial responsibility.  While many students find themselves learning how to be financially responsible during their college years, there are many students who don’t learn how to manage their finances until they are out on their own.   Your credit report and credit score are just the next grading system used to evaluate you in the financial world.  By following these simple steps, recent graduates can assure fiscal responsibility and a positive credit score. More >

Questions Every Consumer Should Ask a Debt Collector

June 14, 2016

When you receive that dreaded phone call from a debt collection agency, nerves can make anyone clam up and forget to ask necessary questions.  Collection scams are more common than ever and the only way to protect yourself from making unnecessary payments is to be informed and aware.  You can avoid getting lured into making a payment that you really don’t owe by knowing what to ask a collector before handing over your hard-earned money.More >

How To Handle Mistakes on Your Credit Report

June 09, 2016

According to the consumer industry, nearly 25% of all consumers have an error on their credit report. This means that 1 in 5 consumers are walking around with a report that does not accurately reflect their financial status and payment history. Whether you are a responsible consumer or a little careless with your credit, you deserve to have your report accurately reflect your ability to pay.  More >

Credit Repair Scams

June 07, 2016

As a follow up to our last blog about hiring a credit repair company, I thought it appropriate to discuss tips in spotting a credit repair scam.  Consumers looking to hire a company to fix their credit need to be informed of the risks of hiring a repairer that is looking to take their money and make empty promises of fixing credit that is irreparable.More >

Paying for Credit Repair

May 24, 2016

All too often consumers ask about credit repair…is it worthwhile, what does it cost, should I sign up?  Credit repair is a service provided by a company that helps consumers remove unwanted and inaccurate information from their credit file to help improve credit reports.  Consumers can hire a company to clean their credit or just as easily can sign up to do the work themselves.More >

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Everyday Life

May 20, 2016

Your credit report and credit score are more than just a piece of paper and number.  Your information can affect your day to day activity and your financial wellbeing.  Good credit will earn your favorable interest rates, a better apartment, a larger mortgage loan, better credit cards, insurance…the list is endless.  More >