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Arkansas Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection

Consumers being sued by a collection agency should be aware of the statute of limitations for a breach of contract.  InArkansas, written contracts have a statute of limitations of 5 years.  However, if a consumer is convinced to make a payment by a collector, the statute of limitation period begins anew as a partial payment or written acknowledgement of default of the debt tolls this statute of limitations (A.C.A. 16-56-111).

Most cases filed against consumers for unpaid debts are filed as 'breach of contract' claims.  Thus, a consumer concerned about a collector suit, must be aware of the statute of limitations in a breach of contract action.  InArkansascontracts not in writing have a statute of limitations of 3 years (A.C.A. 16- 56-105).

Debts incurred for medical services have a statute of limitations of 2 years from the date the service(s) was rendered or from the date in which the most partial payment was made (A.C.A. ยง16-56-106). Prior to entering into an agreement to pay off a debt, a consumer should ensure the debt is actually still due and payable.

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